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Bad Credit Car Loans

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Get pre-qualified for a car loan in 60 seconds or less! Get Approved Canada will get you into the vehicle you deserve, even if you have bad credit, no credit, or have declared bankruptcy.


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Car Loans for Bad Credit In Canada

Looking for car finance but don’t have the best credit? Get Approved Canada wants to help. We understand that past credit blemishes can make owning a car seem impossible. There are many cars for sale with affordable financing, so check it out.

Bad credit? We look beyond your credit score.

  • Guaranteed Approval Regardless of Credit History
  • Rates as Low as 0%
  • Trade-Ins Are Welcome
  • Begin to Rebuild Your Credit History
  • Estimate Your Car Loan Beforehand
  • Get Behind the Wheel of Your Dream Vehicle

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Buying a Car with Poor Credit

Here at Get Approved Canada, we know that credit financial setbacks happen. Those blemishes should not prevent you from accomplishing your dream of owning a vehicle! If you are struggling to get a car loan with bad credit, we are here to help. With a quick and easy application process and lightning-quick, guaranteed approval on every car loan application, you could be behind the wheel in no time! We are proud to work with the leading automotive lenders throughout Canada to help you lock down the best loan possible. Get started by filling out your bad credit car loan application today!

From finding the appropriate lender to locking down the best rates possible for your unique situation, receiving a car loan can be quite the hassle. We want to make the process as easy as possible, evidenced by our zero-down, zero-hassle car loans. Thanks to our relationships with 15 of Canada’s leading automotive lenders, we guarantee the lowest rates every time. Learn more about trade-ins and cash-back options by reaching out to our team today!

Get Approved Canada has your back!

  • Guaranteed Auto Financing
  • 23+ Automotive Partnerships
  • 15+ Lending Partnerships
  • Unbeatable Customer Satisfaction

Bad Credit Car Loans

Serving 1000s of Customers Across Canada

When you’re ready to put your bad credit behind you and finance the car of your dreams, Get Approved Canada is here to help! We’ve helped more than 25,000 Canadians find the best car loan for dozens of different vehicle manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Porsche, Cadillac, and so many more. With more than 10 years of experience, our team of auto financing specialists is ready to answer any questions you may have about your automobile financing. Get started by calculating your estimated payments or submitting an application today!

Our Process – 3 Easy Steps

APPLY ONLINE – Get Approved Canada works with over 15 different lenders to get you the best bad credit car loan rates and terms. We’ll find the right lender for your unique situation and receive a decision within hours of submitting your application!

GET APPROVED – Once we have determined your approval amount and budget we’ll go to work selecting a vehicle together that suits your needs and gets you the best value for your budget.

DRIVE AWAY – We work hard to make sure you drive away with a new or used vehicle that fits within your monthly budget and needs. Once you have chosen the automobile of your dreams, our financing is complete! This will make buying a car with bad credit easy and stress-free.

Bad Credit Car Loan FAQs

Can I get a car loan with bad credit?

Yes, you can get a car loan with bad credit! Our team of financing specialists at Get Approved Canada work hard to make sure you end the process with your dream vehicle. It doesn’t matter what type of credit history you currently have or where in Canada you live – we’ll find the right lender for your unique situation and help put together a car loan that suits your needs. Fill out our online application today and see how quick it is to apply for a bad credit car loan from Get Approved Canada!

What are the average interest rates for bad credit car loans?

Consumers with good credit should pay an average of 3-6% on loans for automobiles. Subprime auto loans pay between 6% and 19.9% depending on creditworthiness and other factors.

What credit score do I need to buy a used car in Canada?

It all depends on the lender that you choose to finance your vehicle with. We work closely to ensure you receive the financing that best suits your needs whether it be a low or high credit score!

I have bad credit, do I qualify for a new vehicle?

Yes! We will work closely to ensure that you are receiving the best terms and rates available on your new or used car purchase. Fill out our simple online application today to see what options are available for you!

How long after bankruptcy can you get a car loan?

It really depends on who you ask! Some lenders may allow you to apply for a loan within six months after your bankruptcy. At Get Approved Canada, we work with over 23 different automakers across hundreds of dealerships located in 100s of cities across the country. We are here every step of the way to help get your credit back on track and provide you with the best financing possible.

Can you still get approved for a car loan if you have no credit history at all?

If you have no credit, we can still help! We will happily work with you to build your credit and ensure that the lender we select is best for your situation.

Does it matter where I live in Canada for this application?

No! We are proud to offer our services across all provinces and territories in the great country of Canada. We offer loans for residents of Vancouver & British Columbia, Edmonton & Alberta, Toronto & Ontario, Winnipeg & Manitoba…we have something for everyone in Canada!

What is considered bad credit?

A person’s financial condition, is reflected by their lack of a good level of personal debt payments, which would normally raise concerns about an individual honorability. Poor payment ratings may be due to unexpected events such as unemployment, accident or disability leading the borrower to default on credit payments. A credit check is performed against a person’s credit history before approving their application to determine whether or not they are worthy of receiving the loan.

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