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What You Need to Know About Insurance for Used and New Cars

Jul 1, 2022 | Car Insurance

In making a choice between a used and a new car, many people will be weighing their options based on the cost of insurance. This is especially true for people who have previously had a car that was damaged or stolen. 

While there are many factors that go into the cost of used car insurance, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Your Deductible

If you have decided to purchase a used car, you may be searching for a vehicle with lower mileage and lower overall value. This may mean that you need to pay a higher deductible if you are in an accident or are the victim of theft. When you purchase a used car, you may need to take the time to research the total value of the car and choose a deductible that will not be too much of a financial burden.

Driving History

Insurance companies will look at your driving history and the type of vehicle that you drive when they are setting their rates. If you are purchasing a used car, it is possible that your insurance costs are higher than if you were to purchase a new car, especially if you have had a few accidents or traffic violations on your record. If you are purchasing a used car, it is a good idea to ask more about your options for buying a new policy and switching carriers. In addition, it may be a good idea to ask about discounts for which you may qualify.

Your Age

Many people who are purchasing a used car may be younger and will be looking for a policy that is less expensive. If you are younger, you may want to consider purchasing a used car. Many people will pay more for a new car when they are younger and may find that they can save money on their insurance by purchasing a used car.

Liability Coverage

Even if you are purchasing a very inexpensive used car, you should never purchase a policy that does not include liability coverage. Coverage for your used car is mandatory in most states and may be required by your lender if you have purchased a vehicle with a loan. In addition to covering you in the event of an accident, liability coverage will protect you in the event that you are sued or become the victim of a hit-and-run accident.

Insurance for New Cars

If you are purchasing a new car, you may be able to get a good deal on insurance. This is in part because of the type of vehicle you purchase and the make and model. If you are able to purchase a very popular vehicle, you can expect to pay less for your insurance. Insurance companies will also consider your driving history when they are setting your rates. If you have a good driving history, you may be able to get a good insurance deal.

Some insurance companies will allow you to purchase an insurance policy that also includes a rental vehicle in the event that you are in a serious accident. While this can be a very good policy, it is usually more expensive. Before you purchase a policy that includes a rental car, you should consider purchasing a policy that includes a discount for your own car and asking about any other discounts that may be available.

Finding a Policy That’s Right for You

If you are purchasing a new car, you can find a policy that is less expensive than that of a used car. If you are purchasing a used car, you may be able to find a policy that gives you a discount for the type of car that you are purchasing.

In either case, you will want to consider the cost of your insurance and whether or not you can afford more comprehensive coverage for your car. If you need to lower your deductible and increase your coverage, you will want to ask about the difference in your premium. You may want to purchase additional coverage, including collision insurance and comprehensive coverage.

In addition to general car insurance, consider insurance that is specific to your car. If your car is a classic car, you will want to purchase a policy specific to it. Insurance for classic cars is much more expensive than regular insurance. This is typically because it is difficult for insurance companies to calculate the cost of repairing a classic car or the cost of replacing a classic car.

If you are shopping for insurance, you can always ask for a quote from the company. This will allow you to get a better idea of your options and the price you need to pay. You will find that the cost of insurance may determine whether or not you are able to purchase a specific car.

Choosing Between a Used Car and a New Car

There are many benefits to purchasing a used car, including a lower purchase price and lower monthly payments. In addition, you may have a better chance of finding used cars that you like, especially if you are looking for a specific make and model. When you are purchasing a used car, you should make sure that you have checked the condition of the car and that you have looked at the title and the history of the car.

If you are purchasing a new car, you will benefit from having an easier time finding insurance and a car that may be designed with safety in mind. You will want to make sure that you are receiving a good deal on the car. You should also know that the cost of your insurance can also be higher than if you were to purchase a used car.


Purchasing a car is a significant decision you will make in your life. If you have decided that a new or used car is the right vehicle for you, you will want to think about the cost of your insurance. Hopefully, this article can help you in weighing your options and picking the right professionals to consult or work with. 

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